Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Playlist November 23, 2005

Amadou et Mariam, Sénégal Fast Food, Dimanche à Bamako
Jovanotti, La Valigia, Buon Sangue
La Rotta, Harfenflocken, Marco Polo's Rückkehr
Max Lässer, Voralpeglüe, Steilüten, from the album Ueberland
Element of Crime, Wenn der Winter kommt, Mittelpunkt der Welt
Väsen, Flippen (The Flip), Live in Japan
Marco Zappa, i dat sulegl (here comes the sun) Lains Fabular (ils Beatles per Rumantsch)
Tryo, Monsieur Bibendum, French Playground (Putumayo Records)
Patent Ochsner, Blues, Liebi, Tod + Tüüfu
Culcha Candela, Una Cosa, Next Generation
Amadou et Mariam, La Fête au Village, Dimanche à Bamako

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Amadou et Mariam

I just recently discovered the album by Amadou and Mariam, produced by Manu Chao, and I like it. Very much. For several years I've paid attention to Manu Chao's music, and now here's this album. It's not strictly European, but much of it was recorded in Paris, and it's just so beautiful I have to tell you about it.
Read an interview with Manu Chaou on the website of Radio France International here.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Swedish cookies

The latest installment Radio Sweden's monthly program J and J Lifestyle with Judi Milar and Juan Navas has a recipe for chocolate cookies. Sounds good and pretty easy to make.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Playlist for November 16

Today we didn't play that much music, it's still pledge drive time at KMUD, but these are the pieces we did play:

Modena City Ramblers La Guerra di Piero, album: Appunti Partigiani
Gemma Barra, Ainsi comme les hommes vivent
Gino Paoli, La canzone dell amore perduto, album: Faber- Amico Fragile
Hoven Droven, Syen - Psychic, album: Hippa
Max Lässer, several cuts from the album Ueberland
Jovanotti Tanto, album: Buon Sangue
Pink Martinis Brazil
MC Solaar Caroline album: Qui seme le vent récolte le tempo

thanks for all your calls and for your support of KMUD!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The glacier that got covered for summer

On Gemsstock near Andermatt at 3,000 metres above sea-level, a gigantic piece of fleece protects the ski ramp, which consists of ice and perpetuated snow. ETH glaciologists measure the loss of thickness (Picture: Andermatt Gotthard Sportbahnen AG).
The article accompanying this picture is from August 18, 2005. Since then, the fleece has been removed and preliminary success was declared. It's expected that next year an even larger area of the glacier will be covered. (see the article and you can view a larger picture.)

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Nuntii Latini

Nuntii Latini - News in Latin - is a weekly review of world news in Classical Latin, the only international broadcast of its kind in the world, produced by YLE, the Finnish Broadcasting Company.
There's also an RSS feed available for this site, and you can listen to the news with RealAudio.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Pledge drive cluck-cluck

We had a good time on the show today, thanks to all the callers who showed their support of KMUD, thanks to the folks who called with more information about the British fox hunting tradition, congratulations to Andy for picking up the EuroBureau T-shirt.
JJ brought his chicken hat and the other fun stuff. We had lots of laughs, and one listener called and pledged some money because of that. Great! Thanks!

Today we played this music:
Sacrifice De Poulets by Ministere Amer
and Le Vent Tourne by Sens Unik, both cuts are from the soundtrack of "La Haine"
Alleiungerhalter and Fädärläsä by Swiss rapper Kutti MC from his CD Jugend & Kultur
Jane Birkin, Couleur Café from the CD Arabesque
Max Lässer's Madamax CD
Lorenzo "Jovanotti" Cherubini Una Storia D'Amore from his latest CD Buon Sangue
Ulla Meineke Da kommt ein Tag from the 1991 CD Löwen
Tartaruga frajas giardin (Strawberry Fields Forever) from the CD Lain Fabular "ils beatles per rumantsch"
Culcha Candela Partybus from the CD Next Generation

Tune in next Wednesday afternoon at 2:30.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Cartoon re: Riots in Paris suburbs

From the November 5, 2005 edition of the Basler Zeitung, Basel, Switzerland