Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Pledge drive cluck-cluck

We had a good time on the show today, thanks to all the callers who showed their support of KMUD, thanks to the folks who called with more information about the British fox hunting tradition, congratulations to Andy for picking up the EuroBureau T-shirt.
JJ brought his chicken hat and the other fun stuff. We had lots of laughs, and one listener called and pledged some money because of that. Great! Thanks!

Today we played this music:
Sacrifice De Poulets by Ministere Amer
and Le Vent Tourne by Sens Unik, both cuts are from the soundtrack of "La Haine"
Alleiungerhalter and Fädärläsä by Swiss rapper Kutti MC from his CD Jugend & Kultur
Jane Birkin, Couleur Café from the CD Arabesque
Max Lässer's Madamax CD
Lorenzo "Jovanotti" Cherubini Una Storia D'Amore from his latest CD Buon Sangue
Ulla Meineke Da kommt ein Tag from the 1991 CD Löwen
Tartaruga frajas giardin (Strawberry Fields Forever) from the CD Lain Fabular "ils beatles per rumantsch"
Culcha Candela Partybus from the CD Next Generation

Tune in next Wednesday afternoon at 2:30.

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