Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The World Economic Forum 2006 in Davos

You may have heard of it. You may know a lot about it. Did you know you can listen to some of the speeches and presentations from it on your computer, or as a podcast?
I listened to Bill Clinton's talk (he's so eloquent compared to...), and I was going to listen to Angela Merkel's presentation, except I find it extremely difficult to listen to her in German in the background while someone translates her to English in the foreground.
There are many podcasts and other forms of audio and video archives of the last week in Davos (say dav-OHs not DAH-vos). Right here: http://gaia.unit.net/wef/worldeconomicforum_annualmeeting2006/default.aspx

You may wonder about who attended the WEF 2006. Here's a list.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Playlist for January 18, 2006

Element of Crime, Mittelpunkt der Welt, Mittelpunkt der Welt
Thomas Fersen, Deux Pieds, La Cigale des Grands Jours,
Roberto Ferri, La romance de Marinelle, Faber -- Amico Fragile
Fiorella Mannoia, Khorekhane, Faber -- Amico Fragile
Open Season, Time to Run
Autour de Lucie, L'autre nous, Immobile
Amadou & Mariam, La Realite, Dimanche a Bamako
Little Big Men, Kater, Extra Large
Zweiraumwohnung, Es wird Morgen, Es wird Morgen
Jolly & the Flytrap, Rain Ride, Electric Polka

Monday, January 16, 2006

Playlist January 11, 2006

Ah, the highway at Confusion Hill was open long enough for J.J. to join me again. He brought a short stack of LP's. Since we had a death in the KMUD community the previous weekend we pulled a few songs dealing with life and death.

Gemma Barra and Louis, Arragon Est-ce ainsi que les hommes vivent, by Leo Ferré
Nana Mouskouri, ?, from a Greek album
Little Big Men featuring Polo Hofer, Rote Wy, Extra Large
Charles Aznavour, Je n'oublirai jamais,
Leo Ferré, Ne chantez pas la mort,
Omala (instrumental music from Sweden)
Renaud, Mort les enfants, Mistral Gagnant
Scala & Kolacny Brothers, Clandestino (orig. by Manu Chao), Respire
Phon Roll, River of Love, Christmas special EP
Yves Montand, Les feuilles mortes,
Charles Trenet, Que reste-t-il de nos amours?
Scala & Kolacny Brothers, Smells like teen-age spirit
Jane Birkin, Comment te dire adieu, Arabesque

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Faber---Amico fragile

I'm just listening again to the two-CD tribute album to Fabrizio de
André. It's wonderful. Although Fabrizio sang his own songs better
than some of the folks in this concert (it's a matter of taste, isn't
it) there is so much emotion in this recording. Highly recommended!

You can read about it in Italian here.

Playlist January 4, 2006

Another show by myself, JJ was facing an hour wait in either direction at Confusion Hill, which could make the trip four hours total. Better to spend that time outside, where the sun was shining between the clouds, and the soggy ground was slowly draining.
So here's what I played:

2raumwohnung, Wolken ziehen vorbei, es wird morgen
Les Matchboxx fauché comme toi from a promo single
Tinu Heiniger, Gueti Zyt, Heimatland
Hamed Daye, Ne me quitte pas, L' hip-hoppée
Mellow Mark, Was geht ab mit der Liebe?, Das 5te Element
Oophoi, Samten, Bardo
Worldnews from Radio Netherlands
Jane Birkin and Caetano Veloso, O leaozinho, Rendez-vous
Lisa, da dove sei, Oceano
Hoven Droven, Norsken, Hippa
Element of Crime, Nur mit Dir, Mittelpunkt der Welt
Swedish news from Radio Sweden
Jolly and the Flytrap, Tout ce que vous voulez, Electric Polka
Autour de Lucie, La verité, immobile
Open Season, Coffee to go, Hot and Fire
Jovanotti, Soleluna, Lorenzo 1994

Playlist December 28, 2005

The last show of the year, and Simon's in the studio by himself, because US Highway 101 at Confusion Hill is closed.

So here's the music I played:

Yello, Blender, Baby
Articolo 31, Come una pietra scalciata, Masked and Anonymous
Pascal Parisot & Frédérique Dastrevigne, Tout va bien, Pop en duo
Les Rita Mitsouko, Evasion, La femme
Sigur Ròs, Takk, Takk
Sigur Ròs, Glösöli, Takk
Dzihan & Kamien, Airport, Gran Riserva
Amadou & Mariam, Djanfe, Dimanche à Bamako
Culcha Candela, Jeder Tag ist ein Comeback, Next Generation
Yonderboi, 100% Trevira, Shallow and Profound
Jovanotti, Tanto, Buon Sangue

As it turned out, this was going to be one of the wettest and stormiest weekends in years. Happy New Year, anyway!