Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Playlist December 7

Hey, thanks for checking out this post. I tried to put as many useful links to artists as possible, because listeners keep asking where they could find the recordings. Hope this helps!

Format is Artist, Song/Title, Album
Jolly and the Flytrap, Vulcano Beat, Electric Polka
Culcha Candela, Una Serenata, Next Generation
Frigg, Daavid Ja Minä, Oasis
Modena City Ramblers, L'unica superstite, Appunti Partigiani
Jane Birkin, L'amour de moi, Arabesque
Yonderboi, Thousand Bells and Fairy of the Lake, Shallow and Profound
Patent Ochsner, Heimat, Liebi, Tod + Tüüfu
Amadou & Mariam, Realité, Dimanche a Bamako
Element of Crime, Strassenbahn des Todes, Mittelpunkt der Welt
Jovanotti, Penelope, Buon Sangue
Open Season, Keep my Fire Burning, Hot and Fire
Curdin Brugger, Domadus (two of us), Ils Beatles per rumantsch
Francesco Baccini, La ballata dell'amore cieca, Faber - Amico Fragile
Ulla Meineke, Die Zeit wartet für Niemand, Löwen
Frigg, Kjømestermasj, Oasis, on the label Northside Music

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