Saturday, January 07, 2006

Playlist January 4, 2006

Another show by myself, JJ was facing an hour wait in either direction at Confusion Hill, which could make the trip four hours total. Better to spend that time outside, where the sun was shining between the clouds, and the soggy ground was slowly draining.
So here's what I played:

2raumwohnung, Wolken ziehen vorbei, es wird morgen
Les Matchboxx fauché comme toi from a promo single
Tinu Heiniger, Gueti Zyt, Heimatland
Hamed Daye, Ne me quitte pas, L' hip-hoppée
Mellow Mark, Was geht ab mit der Liebe?, Das 5te Element
Oophoi, Samten, Bardo
Worldnews from Radio Netherlands
Jane Birkin and Caetano Veloso, O leaozinho, Rendez-vous
Lisa, da dove sei, Oceano
Hoven Droven, Norsken, Hippa
Element of Crime, Nur mit Dir, Mittelpunkt der Welt
Swedish news from Radio Sweden
Jolly and the Flytrap, Tout ce que vous voulez, Electric Polka
Autour de Lucie, La verité, immobile
Open Season, Coffee to go, Hot and Fire
Jovanotti, Soleluna, Lorenzo 1994

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