Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The EuroBureau Mug

Finally something for the closet EuroBureau fan, too shy to advertise his or her taste for the program with the bumper sticker, yet capable of sheltering their coffee cup from surprise visitors, in the intimacy of their own home, keeping their 'penchant' for the exotic private.

So how do you get one? Make a pledge for a regular membership ($50) with KMUD and this cup can be yours!
Truth is: KMUD needs your support. If you enjoy EuroBureau, and you haven't contributed to our radio station, please do so now. Call (+1) 707 923-3911, in the US you can call 1-800-568-3723.
We, JJ and Simon, had the mugs made at our cost and we give them to KMUD so you, dear Listener, can have something to sip your soup from, or to lick that latte foam off.

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